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Frequently asked questions:
1.How to purchase your product?
Contact our customer service and let them know what products you need. They will provide you with the latest prices and arrange for you.
2. What is the delivery time?
3-5 working days for general orders, 7-15 working days for bulk orders
3. What is the payment method?
We accept wire transfers
4. How long is your warranty period?
12 month warranty period. Each product enjoys lifelong technical services.
5.Can you sell spare parts?
If you use our product, we can sell spare parts.
6. How to control product quality?
Our company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO14501, CE, and ROHS audits. We attach great importance to quality control from the beginning to the end of production, and every product must undergo complete assembly and careful testing before packaging and transportation.
7.Why are some of your quotations higher than other suppliers?
There are many low-cost solar inverters that assemble substandard parts together, posing significant safety risks! For personal and property safety, please do not seek low prices and choose products with reliable quality.
8. Is the output voltage of our inverter stable?
Answer: Of course. Sine wave output, with high waveform stability and no interference.
9.Do you have your own factory?
Yes, the company was established in 2011. We are a professional manufacturer of inverter systems/mobile power supplies, and our factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.
10. What are our strengths?
Years of factory work experience; Professional sales team and R&D team; Having high cost-effectiveness and high-quality products; Timely delivery; Sincere service.
Cell: The listed company produces brand new A-grade cells and core raw materials.
Control system: The protection board and inverter are independently developed, designed, and produced, with independent intellectual property rights.
Appearance: Exclusive exterior design, private mold mass production.
Safety guarantee: hot aerosol technology can effectively block Thermal runaway.
Precautions for use:
1. The battery pack must be charged using the dedicated lithium battery charger provided by our company. When charging, it is necessary to confirm that the power supply voltage matches the charging voltage. Unqualified chargers can lead to shortened lifespan or equipment damage.

2. The charging position should be well ventilated, do not charge in high-temperature environments, and keep away from heat sources, flammable, explosive gases or objects. The charging position should be balanced to avoid falling.

3. When the new product leaves the factory, the battery level is about 50%. Please charge the device before use.

4. It is strictly prohibited to short circuit the equipment interface, otherwise it may cause equipment damage and personal safety.

5. The equipment is prohibited from being used in rainy or snowy conditions to prevent rainwater from entering the equipment and causing damage to parts.

6. The discharge performance of the device is good at room temperature, but when the temperature is low, the internal battery capacity of the device will decrease. When winter comes, the equipment usage time is reduced to a normal phenomenon.

7. The operating temperature of the equipment should be between -5 ° C and 55 ° C, and it should be placed in a dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight and radiation sources.

8. If any abnormal phenomena such as odor are found during the use of the equipment, it cannot be used anymore and should be immediately contacted by us.

9. It is strictly prohibited for any liquid or metal objects to enter the charger during device charging, and it is strictly prohibited to disassemble and modify the charging equipment. It is strictly prohibited to wet hand plug and unplug the charging equipment and power plug, and do not touch the charger during lightning strikes.

10.Before daily use of the equipment, pay attention to checking whether the charging and discharging interfaces are in good contact.

11. The device should be charged in a timely manner when the battery is low. If the device is not in use for a long time, it should be regularly recharged and the circuit breaker should be closed, which can extend the service life of the device.

12. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble equipment and chargers! No short circuits! No water allowed! Do not fall! No impact!
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