We provide overall solutions for new energy from photovoltaic power generation to lithium battery energy storage.

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We provide  OEM & ODM service of  Energy Storage System
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How To Customize The Energy Storage System?

In order to provide better service to our customers, when you send an inquiry to DFD ENERGY, please provide the following detailed information:

Firstly, applicable scenario, required power size and load.

Secondly, let us know what product you want and if you need any other auxiliary accessories.

Finally, enjoy our exclusive service. During the customization process, we will provide customers with professional guidance and technical support throughout the entire process, ensuring that each customer can receive a satisfactory experience.

Customized process
Provide personalized solutions based on customers' requirements for the capacity of energy storage products.
7 (4)
Communicate with customers to understand their electricity, structure, and appearance requirements for the product.
6 (3)
Develop 2-3 sets of solutions based on customer needs, with a total of customer choices.
5 (5)
Confirm and modify according to the design plan until reaching customer satisfaction standards.
4 (6)
Conduct large-scale production and manufacturing based on the final samples, ensuring that the products are produced according to customer requirements and specifications.
2 (9)
Strict quality control is carried out throughout the entire production process to ensure that product quality meets customer requirements.
1 (13)
Deliver customized products to customers and provide follow-up after-sales service to solve problems encountered by customers during use.
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Founded in 2011, our company has rich experience and expertise, and can provide you with perfect high-end energy storage integrated solutions. Please contact our team, let us work together to provide you with high-quality energy storage inverter system solutions! We look forward to cooperating with you to bring you a better experience.
DFD Energy storage technology specialized in the research, development, production, sales and service of household energy storage.
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