We provide overall solutions for new energy from photovoltaic power generation to lithium battery energy storage.

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Energy Storage Integrated Solution

Creating a High-end Energy Storage Integrated Solution

Shenzhen DFD engages in the research, development, production, sales and service of household and portable energy storage products, and provides our customers with integrated solutions from photovoltaic power generation to lithium battery energy storage to meet their unique applications. We can provide customers with the most reliable and integrated energy storage solutions that best meets their needs.

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Tailored to your needs

DFD ENERGY can design and produce energy storage systems with different powers and capacities, including:

 ● Integrated solution for stacked/wall mounted household energy storage power supply;

 Portable mobile power generation system.

As a company focused on creating high-end energy storage integrated solutions, DFD ENERGY aims to meet the specific requirements of each customer . By deeply understanding the specific needs and situations of customers, our professional team will design customized solutions that are suitable for them. We hope to cooperate with you to create a complete custom power solution for your home and outdoor power needs. At the same time, on the premise of ensuring reliability and safety, we can meet your needs for product performance, specifications and configuration.

Rich design experience

Our design team has rich experience and professional knowledge, and is good at combining innovation and practicality. We will do our best to ensure the reliability, efficiency, and compatibility with existing equipment of the design system, ensuring that every detail is carefully polished.

Our engineering team applies rich experience to the design and manufacturing of energy storage inverter systems.From design to application, you can rely on our technology to provide the perfect customized energy solution for your needs.

Our energy storage inverter system not only has excellent performance and reliability, but also has high energy conversion rate and compatibility. Our system performs excellently in both home applications and outdoor activities.

6 major advantages of the product

Established in 2011, it is under the jurisdiction of the Multifluoro Group. It is specialized in the research, development, production, sales and service of household energy storage, portable Energy storage and products, and provides overall new energy solutions from photovoltaic power generation to lithium battery energy storage.

1. Core raw material
Polyfluorine is the domestic fluorine material, the global lithium hexafluorophosphate industry leader, the independent production of electrolytic liquid system, silicon carbon negative, low cobalt/cobalt-free cathode material is known as the "blood of lithium battery", break foreign monopoly, is the first listed enterprise in China's inorganic fluorine chemical industry, production capacity ranks second in the world, the world's first sales.
2. Control system
Bring together a group of excellent R & D, engineering technology and management personnel, with strong design and development capabilities and production quality assurance capabilities, advanced R & D equipment, perfect quality management, to ensure that each protection board, inverter from R & D, design, production, testing are up to national safety standards.
3. Photovoltaic module
Zhongning Silicon, a subsidiary of polyfluoro, is the only silane manufacturer in China that has entered the three major industries of semiconductor, liquid crystal and photovoltaic at the same time. Its high-purity silane is an indispensable material for the development of photovoltaic industry. It has the world's advanced silane production process and is the first research and development and production base of electronic grade polysilicon in China. It is gradually replacing imported silane and is one of the drafters of the national standard for silane products.
4. Cell
One of every four lithium batteries in the world comes from polyfluoride. At present, Jiaozuo in Henan Province and Nanning in Guangxi Province have a total effective production capacity of 8.5GWh, which is an important national battery and new material industry base. It has entered the supply chain of Tesla, BYD and TSMC, and the 60130 battery cell exclusively developed and produced has been mass-produced, which is suitable for Chery, Wuling and other models and energy storage products.
5. Appearance
Cooperated with domestic excellent product design companies, invested heavily to create product appearance and internal structure design, and through hardware, disassembly, trial production and other structural evaluation, applied for exclusive appearance patents, private model mass production, in line with international aesthetic standards.
6. Safety guarantee
The space nanoscale aerogel composite material is used as a protective material to reduce the heat superposition between the cells and isolate the heat source. The internal volume of aerogel is 99% composed of gas, which has the advantages of class A non-combustible and extremely low thermal conductivity, which can reduce the heat in the transportation process, and solve the problem that in the confined space, the battery enters the thermal runaway state due to mechanical damage, thermal shock, internal short circuit, overcharge and other factors, so as to avoid the disastrous consequences of overall combustion and explosion.

DFD ENERGY is based on long-term development and global market competition environment

We firmly believe in two points:

1. Continuous innovation and progress;

2. Always aim at customer satisfaction.

Therefore, in the process of product development and production, we continue to pay attention to new technologies and market trends to ensure that every product is full of vitality and creativity.

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Founded in 2011, our company has rich experience and expertise, and can provide you with perfect high-end energy storage integrated solutions. Please contact our team, let us work together to provide you with high-quality energy storage inverter system solutions! We look forward to cooperating with you to bring you a better experience.
DFD Energy storage technology specialized in the research, development, production, sales and service of household energy storage.
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